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Artist Image Credits

Antonio Celaya by Adriana Celaya
Diane Chaplin by Michelle Bates
Maria Choban by Gene Newell
Free Marz String Trio by Chris Leck
Fred Hauptman by Chris Leck
Hae-Jin Kim by Chris Leck
Amelia Lukas by Emma Cleary
Monica Ohuchi by Jason Quigley
Jeff Payne by Charles Noble
Hannah Penn by Paul Thacker
Bob Priest by Chris Leck

Brochure Credits 2016


Robert Delaunay — La Ville de Paris (1912, Musee d’Art Moderne)
Messiaen with score of Couleurs de la Cité céleste (The Guardian, 2008)

Inside Left

Messiaen with scarf made by Yvonne Loriod (MusicWiz.Club)
Robert Delaunay — La Ville de Paris (1911, Toledo Museum of Art)

Inside Right

Salvador Dali — Three Young Surrealist Women Holding in their Arms the Skins of an Orchestra (1936, Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida)
Jerzy Znamierowski — Katharsis III (1980, Warszawa)
Hans Bellmer — Die Puppe (1935, Germany)
Vincent Van Gogh — Crows in the Wheatfield (1890, Auvers, France)


Charles W. J. Johnson — Guitar/Tuba (MMM Mascot, 1890, Eureka, California)
Mikko Lagerstedt — Crow on Cart @ Eiffel Tower

Website Images

Website header and background: String Quartet Op 131, Ludwig van Beethoven (handwritten manuscript)
MMM Logo: Vincent Van Gogh, Wheat Field With Crows (1890)