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Live Music at Club Mod a Real Hit

Club Mod uncorked a special live show at the studios of All Classical Radio on Saturday evening (December 3) that was delightful, informative, and extremely well played. The show was part of the Messiaen Mélange Musique festival that celebrated music created by or connected with Olivier Messiaen….McBride mentioned that Club Mod was in its ninth year. So it was high time to present a live concert, and this one was exceptional.

—James Bash, Northwest Reverb (read the full article)

Free Marz String Trio chronicles music of the mind and then eats it up

Free Marz String Trio
All of the pieces were played with the utmost commitment by the Free Marz String Trio, which sported an all-new look with violinist Hae-jin Kim, violist Kenji Bunch, and cellist Diane Chaplin. They gave top-notch performances to a full house at the Community Music Center on the evening of March 16th.

—James Bash, Northwest Reverb (read the full article)

March Music Moderne review: Arnica Quartet plays Britten

Arnica String QuartetWhen they finally arrived at the rich, triumphant chords that resolve the dilemma of the concluding Chacony movement, an epic journey (longer than the other two movements put together) that begins with bold steps nonetheless at odds with each other, the rapt audience burst into well-deserved and enthusiastic applause.

—Jeff Winslow, Oregon ArtsWatch (read the full article)

March Music Moderne reviews: Cascadia Composers’ Piano Bizarro; MC Hammered Klavier’s Storm Session

Piano Bizarro“In my concerts I want to present the story of the music in some sort of context that makes it meaningful so that people learn something, have fun, and go home wanting to share how the experience changed them. These little ripples make a huge difference cumulatively.” —Jennifer Wright

—Jana Hanchett, Oregon ArtsWatch (read the full article)

March Music Moderne review: Beyond the Moderns

Judging by what I heard at MMM this month, many of those composers, transcending false dichotomies and rejecting modernist orthodoxy, happen to live and create in Oregon. The modernist category itself was always pretty blurry, and the distinctions between modernism and post-mod have broken down almost entirely today, with composers happily evading easy categorization as modernist or whatever, sometimes even in the same piece.

—Brett Campbell, Oregon ArtsWatch (read the full article)

Good Fellas—There’s a new music mafia in Oregon: meet the godfathers

Bob Priest bw toy piano cropWith minimal resources and maximal willpower, ingenuity and single-minded drive, this composer/impresario [Bob Priest] has herded a bunch of cats (me included) into the successful makings of this niche festival that has become – almost without him intending it –a de facto contemporary and 20th century Portland near-icon.

—Maria Choban, Oregon ArtsWatch (read the full article)

Contemporary Portland Orchestra Project: Flock of Strange Birds

Inspired by the Boston Modern Orchestra Project (BMOP), co-artistic directors Lisa Lipton and Justin Ralls founded CPOP in 2011 to provide an avenue for young and emerging West Coast composers to have their work performed. Their Strange Birds concert consisted mostly of electronic and electroacoustic works, and was a part of March Music Moderne, a Portland new music series founded by composer Bob Priest.

—Sam Reising, I care If You Listen (read the full article)