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Robert Eugene Priest II, Ph.D.


Webmaster: Chris Leck
Original Design: Charles Noble

Website Images

Arnica Quartet: Martha Warrington/DigitalPDX
Molly Barth: Tatiana Mac
Tessa Brinckman: Chris Leck
Mitsuki Dazai: Chris Leck
Free Marz String Trio: Charles Noble
The Late Now: Kerry Davis
Robert McBride: Mary Evjen
Bob Priest: Chris Leck
Дмитрий Дмитриевич Шостакович: Muse Art and Design
Thollem Electric: Angela C. Villa
Venerable Showers of Beauty Gamelan Ensemble: Chris Leck
Website header and background: String Quartet Op 131, Ludwig van Beethoven (handwritten manuscript)

MMM Brochure

Front Cover

  • MMM Logo: Vincent Van Gogh, “Wheat Field With Crows” (1890)
  • MMM Poster Boy: Charles W.C. Johnson, miner, photographer, musician and dance instructor, marketing his one-man band invention. Underwood Photo Archives, San Francisco.
  • Igor Stravinsky “Listen Up, Muchachos!” Schott-Musik Verlag.

Back Cover

  • Chris the Dog with Gramophone, Captain Robert Scott’s South Pole Expedition (1910). Herbert Ponting, National Geographic Stock.
  • W.C. Fields & Mr. Muckle the Blind Man “It’s a Gift” (1934), Paramount Pictures Archive

Inside Left

  • G.T. Pellizzi & Ray Smith “The Execution of Maximilian” (from “Border Paintings” – 2011), Ray Smith Studio
  • Spiral Music Vortex, Favin Images

Inside Right

  • Etsuko Miura “Mohican Violin” (from “The Doll Bride of Frankenstein” – 2006), Pan-Exotica
  • Esa-Pekka Salonen in action, South Bank Centre, London

Ears Wide Open Program

  • Bruno Schulz “Tribe of Pariahs” (from “The Book of Idolatry” (1921)), Interpress Publishers, Warsaw
  • Edvard Munch “The Sun” (1916), Munch Museet, Oslo

Free Marz String Trio Program

  • Etsuko Miura “Mohican Violin” (from “Gishinsyojyo” (2003)), Kanzen press, Toyko
  • Vaslav Nijinsky reading one of Stravinsky’s scores (1913), the Red List page
  • Free Marz String Trio, photo by Charles Noble (2010)