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Violist Belgique brings down the house twice in Free Marz String Trio concert – MMM Fest

Free Marz String Trio smallI’m referring to two mind-boggling performances of Garth Knox’s pieces for solo viola that Joël Belgique gave at the Free Marz String Trio concert on Friday, March 8th at the Community Music Center as part of the March Music Moderne Festival.

—James Bash, Oregon Music News (read the full article)

MMM preview event – successful mix of performance and panel banter

The event was impressively assembled by impresario/composer Bob Priest, who sought a blend of high-level art and banter about new music. Because Priest kept each segment of the program moving forward, the performances were successful and the audience engaged. Not bad for an evening that was provided gratis by MMM.

—James Bash, Oregon Music News (read the full article)

Dmitri and Me: A Portland composer tried to ignore Shostakovich’s music. Then he heard….

It would be hard to imagine a more seductive presentation. Despite their rather severe appearance, the Jerusalem [Quartet] projected a warm and lyrical sound, and their technique and ensemble were stellar.

—Jeff Winslow, Oregon ArtsWatch (read the full article)

Jerusalem String Quartet March Music Moderne Live Show Review

Jerusalem Quartet_smKyril Zlotnikov‘s cello sang out like a cherrywood Archangel, while the twin violins of Alexander Pavlovsky and Sergei Bresler played the part of a fractured nervous system, passing the details back and forth, in the form of mutated melody. Ori Kam‘s viola proved to be the passionate pulse of the quartet, patent leather shoes sliding across the floor. The quartet reached an explosive finale, and were rewarded with a much deserved standing ovation!

—Jason Simpson, REDEFINE magazine (read the full article)

Oregon Symphony and conductor Hannu Lintu deliver craft and inspiration

My heartfelt congratulations to the band and guest director Lintu for their totally absorbing performance of this most fascinating work and most substantial contribution to this year’s March Music Moderne!

—Jeff Winslow, Oregon Music News (read the full article)

march music moderne comes in like a lion

Free Marz String Trio smallJust like its eponymous month, March Music Moderne came in like a lion last night with the opening salvo (not including the first Thursday opening at Polish Hall) at the Community Music Center. This was the Bob Priest (festival organizer) produced Free Marz Trio concert that is often the highlight of each year’s festival.

—Charles Noble, (read the full article)

Image: Free Marz String Trio by Charles Noble